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Ham Radio workshop in Panjim

Ham Radio workshop in Panjim

Panaji: Come June 2, Sunday. A promising workshop on science and technology will fetch no less benefit for the tech-savvy school and college students in Panjim. Courtesy the Ham Radio. Just they need to participate actively June 2nd@Jambul Café, Panjim.

The much-awaited 2-hour workshop will take you away to a fascinating world of amateur radio, popularly known as Ham Radio. The topic of the workshop will range from radio waves operation to the see live streaming demonstrations apart from the handling of the real radio equipment.

According to the organizers here, it will open the flood gates for the technology-savvy people to get to know the first hand knowledge of the basics of Ham Radio and its role in communication system, radio wave nitty-gritty– frequencies, wavelengths, hands-on experience with radio equipment and procedures to apply for Ham Radio licence.

Intending people and students can contact Jambul Café@Panjim or visit website or email:

“An Indian citizen above 12 can become a licensed Ham radio operator by qualifying the Amateur Station Operators Licence,” said organizer Babul Gogoi, who himself is a radio enthusiast. He said that the event will educate and inspire the students and other enthusiasts on the potentials and benefits of amateur radio while promoting engagement in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) learning. “The primary goal of the event will be to introduce students to the world of amateur radio and to foster an interest in scientific exploration through practical application,” said Gogoi.