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From Cricket Fields in Inside Edge to Battle Arenas in Yodha: Tanuj Virwani’s impressive evolution as an actor

Tanuj Virwani in Yodha

Tanuj Virwani is a man of many talents. He is a hustler in the true sense of the term and definitely isn’t someone who likes to have things easy. Despite having a film background, he never really used it to his benefit simply because he always had the will and idea to carve out his own niche in the industry. The journey has truly been a rollercoaster one for Tanuj with many ups and downs but one thing that’s remained constant is how she’s never really abandoned the ‘battleground.’ Come what may, be it the highs or the lows in his career, he has taken every blow in his chin like a true warrior and that’s been his biggest hallmark.

While the actor has been working hard in his career right from day 1, things changed tremendously and for the better with Inside Edge. His role of Vayu Raghavan completely evolved his career towards a new positive direction and ever since then, there’s truly been no looking back for this talented actor. From slaying like a rockstar as a cricketer on the cricket field to melting hearts recently with his epic and classy performance as an armed force personnel in Yodha on the battlefield, Tanuj has truly come a long way forward. In all these years, a lot might have changed for Tanuj and for the better. However, one thing that’s remained constant is his urge to always prove his talent and mettle by showcasing some serious versatility. The latest example is ‘Yodha’ where he plays a pivotal role alongside Sidharth Malhotra in the movie as the head of the ‘Yodha task force’. Everything, right from his look and body language in the film saw a complete overhaul and this is exactly what makes the audience love him the most.

To cut things short, the biggest movie critics can certainly vouch for the fact that Tanuj Virwani’s biggest weapon in his armoury has to be his versatility and the ability to camouflage into literally any character that’s given to him. Here’s congratulating him once again for the massive success in Yodha and here’s hoping and praying that he continues to shine bright like a diamond and inspire people the right way with his credible body of work. Stay tuned for more updates.