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Trinayan Sharma’s short Antardwand will be streaming on MX player soon

Trinayan Sharma’s short Antardwand streaming on MX player

During the recent times , the virus has effected many of our lives. Especially in Mumbai , It has slowed down everything and isolated us from the glitz and glamour of the city. During this phase , Trinayan thought about the mental state of those who can’t survive even a single day without working and the story was woven based on that singular thought. Antardwand speaks about a below the poverty line worker and his struggles after the virus is over. It shows his journey of not getting work , humiliated and exploited by some and his ever growing frustration towards life. Jageshwar Banvariya who has done films like Super 30 and Shamshera has done a remarkable job to showcase the mental state of those struggling with such thoughts. Akanksha Yadav have played the role of the wife quite beautifully as well , she was volatile yet subtle and pulled off the character quite well. Aaloak Kapoor , another actor played the role of Thakur to absolute perception. He improvised small small dialogues that gave us a different element / flavour. Bandita Bora and Rajesh Kaibarta have played supporting characters in it. The icing on the cake is Virendra Saxena’s voice in the opening sequence. In the recently concluded Everest International Film Festival , the film has won best director ( Trinayan Sharma ) and best music ( Brince Bora ) in the short film category . Trinayan says to make a short film is still easy but to distribute and have a good releasing partner is essential and that’s where Raahi Productions and MX player has come to the fore. Very Soon , Antardwand will be streaming in other OTT platforms as well.