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Ekta Kapoor warns Hrithik against mud-slinging & false allegations during date clash!

Mental Hai Kya

On the 8th of May, 2019 a lot of tweets and articles targeting Kangana Ranaut were circulated with mud-slinging allegations. The tweets mentioned how it’s Kangana Ranaut’s sly move of changing the date of the release of the film to 26th May’19 which is also the rescheduled date of Super 30 after 25th Jan’19 which was when Manikarnika released.

On noticing such tweets, Ekta Kapoor again tweeted signalling that the decision was entirely hers and didn’t involve Kangana Ranaut at all.

This happened after the production house issued an official press release stating that the decision to change the date of the movie’s release was purely for business purposes.

After listening to a lot of online trolls, this is what sister and manager, Rangoli tweeted about the entire situation…

In conclusion, one can safely say that Ekta Kapoor had strictly suggested Hrithik and the makers of Super 30 that there shouldn’t be any malicious and mud-slinging allegations about me — via paid and click bait-y articles. She even tweeted out that all brickbaits be directed towards her, and not at Kangana. However, this afternoon, some people have tried to create a cheap Twitter trend, that addresses Kangana as a ‘whore’, and ‘witch’ and puts the blame entirely on her. This kind of online bullying should be condemned.. It is a known fact that date changes are not under any artist’s prerogative and Kangana has simply nothing to do with the said change!

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