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Country Club organizes the largest Baisakhi Festival of Asia!

The festival of Baisakhi is always celebrated with great joy  in Bollywood. Baisakhi Fair 2019 was organised by Country Club Hospitality and Holidays Ltd, a popular company of India’s leading in leisure and Country Clubentertainment .Kanta laga fame Shefali Zariwala and Y Rajiv Reddy, MD of Country Club Hospitality and Holidays Limited were present at the Baisakhi Fair. Baisakhi, as is known, is celebrated as a harvest festival and also marks the start of the Punjabi New Year.
On this occasion, CCHHL Chairman Mr. Y Rajeev Reddy said “We leave no stone unturned when it comes to celebrating our festivals with full vigour. We are excited to bring biggest Baisakhi fair 2019 with great zeal and enthusiasm. It is our aim and honour to provide unforgettable experiences to our members. Country Club is a multicultural organization and prides itself in celebrating Baisakhi in a grand way. The idea is to make sure that members have a good time with their families and friends and make memories for a lifetime.”
This year CCHHL is integrating social media in all its promotional activities. To make this a huge success, the company has entered into a partnership with actress Ms Shefali Zariwala to promote the brand Country Club through social media channels. An online Facebook campaign- “Meet & Dine with Shefali Zariwala”- was held and few lucky winners have won the chance to dine with her on this special occasion.
Country Club
On this occasion, actress Ms. Shefali Zariwala said that “Country Club is like a family for me, I am part of all the festivals organized here. It feels always good to celebrate the festival of Baisakhi with Country Club member and meeting with media fans is a good experience.
CCHHL is India’s largest leisure and entertainment conglomerate. It has 53 clubs across India and abroad with over 4 lakh members. The company is recognized by Limca Book of World Records as “India’s Biggest Chain of Family Clubs”. Country Clubs are known for the fitness and clubbing facilities they offer, as also for star-studded high profile entertainment events they organize all throughout the year for its members.

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