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Bollywood Actor Urmila Mahanta Gifted An Unique Gift on her father’s 75th Birthday

Bollywood Actor Urmila Mahanta Gift on her fathers 75th Borthday

Age is just a number for those who are young with their minds and thoughts. Giridhar Mahanta, Father of Bollywood actor Urmila Mahanta is one of those personalities.

He turns 75th today. But at this age, his energy and passion can beat any young. During the COVID lockdown Giridhar Mahanta, a retired Government Senior Officer as well as a renowned social worker has been kept himself busy with his pen to express his feelings through poetic words.

Mr. Mahanta wrote poems and took inspiration from his surroundings that get expressed in the form of a poem. He has been associated with Axom Sahitya Sabha for many years.

His daughter Urmila Mahanta released a video today on his birthday and gifted her father in a unique way. She sort-listed 5 of his poems and get them recited by her fellow artist from the industry namely Boloram Das, Arif Ali, Mahendra Das, Dhiraj Kumar, and she herself and present with appealing visuals. This is her first tryst with editing and she did a really good job: while sharing her feelings she says “ this is the first time I edited something, am so glad that my friends and family like it, it gives me the confidence to try it further in coming days ‘

Actor Urmila Mahanta further ads “ it was the secret plan that my entire family was involved for last 2 months, we all siblings are blessed to have such liberal father and we wanted to gift him something special on his 75th Bday, hope he will like it and enjoy it “

The presented 5 poems are as follows:

The poem “Bibartan” is Recited by Urmila herself, whereas “Moi Bor luite koisu”
recited by Mahendra Das. Contemporary Poem “Corona”
recorded by popular VO artist Arif Ali and “Bhabana Expressor Jatri “
Is recited by Dhiraj Kumar. In addition to that Urmila’s friend cum Bollywood actor Boloram Das recited the last one namely “Sei Bidhanshi Jui Kura”

Here is the Playlist:

On this special occasion, Urmila Mahanta says, ” I wish you a very happy birthday Deuta. I wish you a healthy and longer life. We have a special surprise plan for your birthday where your written poems are released in video form, which is done by me for the first time. I hope you will like it and also the public at large. You have been a role model for us and at last, I wish you again a very happy birthday from our whole family.”

It was noted that Mrs. Jutika Mahanta founder of BollywoodCouch is the eldest daughter of Mr. Giridhar Mahanta.

From our side, the Bollywoodcouch team wishes Mr. Giridhar Mahanta a very happy and healthy birthday.