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Birthday Special: 5 Times When Rahul Dev Gave Everyone Major Fitness Goals

Rahul Dev Fitness Goals

If there’s one man in the Indian entertainment industry who genuinely proves time and again that reverse ageing is possible, it is none other than Rahul Dev. Over the years, fitness has been a top priority for Rahul and no wonder, he’s been an inspiration for so many in this department. A career spanning more than 2 decades, Rahul Dev has proven his versatility on many occasions and we love it. Be it in Hindi cinema, South regional entertainment industry or even Punjabi cinema, Rahul Dev is someone whom everyone loves and admires for all the right reasons.

Today marks a very special day for the actor as he celebrates his 55th birthday and well, all his fans are immensely happy and excited. As far as recent work is concerned, he’s been absolutely phenomenal in projects like Adhura, Gaslight, Raat Baaki Hai, Hunter, and many more. The kind of fitness quotient that he has at this age is remarkable and no wonder, he’s the perfect person to showcase the fact that age is indeed just a number. On the occasion of his 55th birthday today, we present to you all some of Rahul’s most amazing shirtless moments where he displays his chiseled physique like a true hunk. From strong delts, shoulders and arms to an enviable broad chest and well-sculpted abs, he has it all. Let’s check out the snaps and take some serious inspiration.

Indian Hercules: In the first snap, Rahul is seen looking all chiseled and strong and the veins are genuinely stealing all our attention for real. We love the intense look on his face.

Gun In The Sun: In the second snap, he is seen soaking in the sun as he poses in a stylish way with a gun. We love the swag as he sports stylish sunglasses with a vest and the brown leather belt has our heart.

Let The Light Keep Coming: In the third snap, he’s seen proudly flexing with biceps and strong forearms as he talks about the fact that the human body is indeed a blessing. Absolutely stunning stuff indeed.

Lockdown Fitness: In the fourth snap, we see him casually sporting a nice vest and as he gives an intense expression while subtly flexing his triceps and ripped structure. The photo is a special throwback from the lockdown days from 2020.

Supermodel Alert: Last but not the least, we love the way he’s flaunting his V-shaped physique like a pro in his rugged beard avatar. He talks about the importance of training, hard work, perseverance and effort and we truly love it.

So, all set to hit the gym immediately folks after taking your dose of inspiration from Rahul? Here’s wishing the supremely talented actor a very happy birthday and may he keep inspiring people like he always does. Stay tuned for more updates.