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Birthday Feature – 5 Unknown Facts of the Birthday girl Mrunal Thakur

Mrunal Thakur Birthday

Today 1st August, is actress Mrunal Thakur’s birthday and the actress loves celebrating her special day with family and some very close friends. We have brought you some amazing and unknown facts about her which many of you are not aware of. Let’s have a sneak peak at some of the unknown facts of this beautiful actress.

1. Speaks Khandeshi fluently

Mrunal is a maharashtrian and her hometown is Dhule in Maharashtra, though her mother tongue is Marathi but the actress can also speak fluently in Khandeshi language. Khandeshi is a language spoken in the interiors of Maharashtra in the Khandesh region (Districts Dhule, Jalgaon and Nandurbar)

2. Was detained from college at the age of 17

Mrunal did her college from Mumbai, right from early age when she was only 17 years, she always wanted to break into acting field hence was actively participating in various modelling assignments, giving auditions and was part of Television shows which led her not attending classes in college. Hence she was detained from her college because of low attendance as she was busy doing shows.

3. Auditioned for The Matrix franchise

The Matrix is one of the most successful and biggest franchisees from Hollywood, actors from Indian origin have been of the franchise before in the recent sequel released in 2021 The Matrix Resurrection Priyanka Chopra played a prominent role, but do we know Mrunal Thakur also auditioned for the same role which Priyanka played in the film.

4. Almost became a Dentist

Mrunal has always been a bright student other than being detained in the college for her low attendance she was a brilliant student Science and medical being her subjects for interest. Before carving her own path in the film industry Mrunal secured great marks in dental exams but instead chose her passion to be an actor. We are happy that she followed her passion or we would have missed seeing such a brilliant actor onscreen.

5. Is a passionate Make-up and Hair artist

We all know her elder sister Lochan Thakur is a Hair and makeup artist but even Mrunal follows the same passion like her older sister and is obsessed with doing hair and make for close friends and family members and even trying hands on herself and believe us it’s as good as like any other professionals in this field.