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Bhoomika Meena Shines In Between Her Co-stars Monika Panwar and Soham Majumdar

Bhoomika Meena Co-stars Monika Panwar and Soham Majumdar

Bhoomika Meena is currently one of the aspiring names in the Bollywood industry and has recently amazed the audience with her remarkable performance in her big Bollywood debut film “Dukaan,” portraying the character of Kinjal.

Dukaan” is a film that shares the story of surrogate women. Bhoomika Meena portrays the character of Kinjal who is one of the key reasons that compels Jasmine aka Monika Panwar to start Surrogacy in the first place. Monika through her debut film has left the audience amazed with her performance and along with that the actress also shines in between co-stars Monika Panwar and Soham Majumdar for her portrayal of Kinjal.

Monika Panwar, known for her role in “Jamtara,” expressed her admiration for Bhoomika’s dedication and focus she said, “It was an amazing experience working with Bhoomika. I personally adore actors who are totally focused, attentive on set, and always striving to make scenes better and profound, and I was really glad to find those qualities in her. I love how she portrays Kinjal with subtleties and nuances.”

Soham Majumdar, renowned for his role in “Kabir Singh,” echoed similar sentiments, acknowledging Bhoomika. He praised Bhoomika’s contribution, stating, “I genuinely felt you and Monika to be the pillars of our film. A job well done. Hope to see so much more of you on screen, as you grace it very well.”

Bhoomika Meena’s portrayal of Kinjal has resonated deeply with audiences, showcasing her versatility and talent as an actress. Her ability to embody the complexities of the character with depth and authenticity has earned her widespread recognition in the industry. As she continues her journey in the world of cinema, audiences eagerly anticipate witnessing more of her compelling performances on the silver screen.