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Bastar box office does double day 1 with half the theatres.

Adah Sharma comments on Ban of the film Bastar the Naxal story

Bastar the Naxal story starring Adah Sharma and an ensemble cast opened at 50 lakhs with very few theatres. The figure was low considering the opening of The Kerala Story with the same team starring Adah Sharma in the lead which opened at 8 crores and went on to being the highest female grossing film of all time with 303 crore. Point to be noted is Bastar opened to very few theatres and on the first day itself a few theatres called for it to be banned. Bastar has released in very few screens .

There is also news of Adah being summoned to court for her character mouthing some dialogues to a politician who sections of society say is P. Chidambaram .

On day two Bastar had half the theatres ir had on day one but it still managed to do more than double the collections of day one and did 1.25 crores

Audience and many critics have given the film a thumbs up and Adahs strong performance is being lauded but the film might be pulled out of theatres next week due to some controversial scenes.
Let’s wait and see. But with the positive word of mouth you never know what lies in store for Bastar