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Avant garde musician Ritviz is all geared up to release his short original songs*

Well known artist and musician Ritviz has introduced a very unique concept, recently he has released the world’s first ​short music album. The album, consisting of five 30 seconds short music tracks, is exclusively available on one of the entertainment app for  the creators on the platform.

The theme for these songs is young, playful and energetic, keeping the Moj creators in mind. Targeted at the millennial and Gen-Z audience present on the app, Ritviz’s songs have been kept light, taking users back to their teenage years. Besides this, Ritviz has showcased his strengths in creating fusion music with these tracks as well.

Talking about his experience the musician quipped “When the team of MOJ, reached out to me with the concept, I was instantly hooked. This entire idea is so fresh and this is the first time in the world that anybody has come up with such content, so I am sure the audience will like it. The tracks also are very non conventional and are different types of fusion, so the users and audience will definitely resonate them with me.

Ritviz is an internet music sensation and has been creating music for over the past five years. Some of his biggest hits include songs like Udd Gaye, Liggi, Jeet and Sage, each clocking over 20 million views. Most recently he was part of a mini-series documenting life in the lockdown. He has over 1.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

He is currently working on a new collaboration album with Seedhe Maut, and he will also be releasing a new track with Nucleya.

We cannot wait to see the magic that this duo creates .