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Arbaaz Khan teamed up with a Dubai-based Indian filmmaker Ayesha Zaki for a sustainable awareness film

Arbaaz Khan teamed up with Ayesha Zaki

Ayesha Zaki, a celebrated Indian filmmaker, producer, and director based in Dubai, is thrilled to have recently released the much-awaited film ‘The World is in Our Hands’ in collaboration with Arbaaz Khan on various satellite networks and OTT platforms like Hungama, Airtel Xstream and Watcho. Ayesha herself is the producer of the film under her production company, ‘Tinsel Town Films’.

The film ‘The World is in Our Hands’ is a compelling social awareness film that has not only piqued interest but also struck a chord with global audiences, making it a sensation on various social media platforms. Directed by the versatile artist Ayesha Zaki, the film marks her debut working with Arbaaz Khan, tackling an intricate and pivotal subject. Ayesha’s directorial prowess speaks for itself which brings an interesting nuance to the film and engages viewers to contribute to making the world a better place through sustainability measures to avoid global crises.

On being asked about the film, Arbaaz Khan said, “It has been amazing to be part of the film which initiates the conversation through this film on the urgency of environmental concerns. It was a great experience working with Ayesha, who knows exactly what she wants from her actors and has meticulous attention to detail.”

Talking about the film, the ‘OTT Queen’ said, “This film holds more significance than just a cinematic endeavor for me; it serves as a call to action. I intend to raise awareness and emphasize the collective responsibility we share in safeguarding ourselves from global crises, like the one concerning water. “

“Arbaaz is truly a remarkable person and working with him has been a creatively enriching experience. I aim to bring some change through this film and hope I can continue my journey through my creative process”, she added.

The film was not only released on different platforms but also premiered at the illustrious WeTel Centre for Sustainability-COP28 event by joining hands with WeTel television director Arman Khan for this noble cause. The makers along with Arman will be submitting this movie to the NGOs in different parts of the country worldwide where people are facing scarcity of water.