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Angela Krislinzki is proud and happy to represent LGBTQ community in her latest film ‘Tauba Tera Jalwa’,

Angela Krislinzki's film 'Tauba Tera Jalwa'

A lot of people asked me how it feels to represent this amazing community and so on and so forth. To them, I would like to say something. When I was told about the script, I was totally amazed because it is something I am totally supportive towards. I feel that love is universal and it has no boundaries of gender or bias. It can happen anywhere and in any way and hence I totally support the community. When I first heard that I was playing this role opposite Ameesha Patel, i was so trilled to play such a challenging role alongside the legendary actress . Ameesha is brilliant as an actress, she is fantastic and extremely humble. It was brilliant being a part of this alongside her.

Actress Angela Krislinzki is someone who’s always believed in the process and has kept the result factor secondary. It’s the result of her hard work 24/7 and 365 days over the years that she’s a successful actress and artiste in today’s time. In anything and everything that she does, she always focuses on putting her best foot forward to make it count and well, that’s exactly what she has managed to do once again in her latest film ‘Tauba Tera Jalwa’. The movie also stars Ameesha Patel in the lead role alongside her and well, the reviews have so far been rave indeed. As we all know, Angela plays the character of Rinku and has gotten tremendous appreciation for the layers and depth that she’s managed to show in her performance. Although her character is twisted and she’s played that with complete conviction, what’s winning the love of fans is how brilliantly and sensitively she’s played the character of someone who belongs to the LGBTQ community. Undoubtedly, it’s a brave choice at her end and no wonder, she certainly deserves all the accolades that have been coming her way. So, what have her emotions been like after playing the character? Regarding the same, Angela shares upon being asked and we quote,

“Well, a lot of journalists and critics have appreciated me for my role and I am so grateful. As everyone knows by now, my character of Rinku and Ameesha’s character of Laila together plan to con the man between them and eventually, they are in a relationship. My role was very different from what I have done in the past. It was shot very aesthetically. Nothing out of the line or bad in it and it was a brilliant representation of the community. As an artiste, I feel totally honoured and blessed to be doing such interesting and challenging parts. Henceforth, it was quite interesting to play someone who’s attracted to the same sex as I am completely in support of it. Thanks to everyone for all the love and appreciation. My heart is full.”

Well, kudos to Angela for once again doing something out of the box and putting her A game ahead in front of others. The appreciation is totally well-deserved for the brave call. Here’s wishing her good luck and success for all her future endeavours. Stay tuned for more updates.