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MP & leader Ravi Kishan will film Ayodhya ke Shri Ram in Yogi Adityanath’s city Gorakhpur.!

Gorakhpur 19 2023. There is not much time left for the inauguration of the grand Shri Ram temple being built in the holy place of Ayodhya, everyone is busy in preparations in different ways for this inauguration ceremony to be held in the coming January 2024. New waves of excitement and enthusiasm have spread in everyone’s mind regarding Ayodhya Dham, the biggest pilgrimage site related to Hindu religion, in such a situation, BJP’s Lok Sabha member from Gorakhpur, MP Ravi Kishan, a song drenched in devotion to Shri Ram, shooting of Ayodhya ke Shri Ram is upcoming. On 21st and 22nd October, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is coming to his parliamentary constituency Gorakhpur. This song will be shot in Rajghat, Gorakhpur. Quoting sources, it has been revealed that Ravi Kishan is going to play the lead role in this Hindutva flick, and around 500 dancers are going to be used in the background of this song. Choreographer Ricky Gupta has started preparations for the choreography of this song in full swing. This is also going to prove to be the biggest achievement of his career.

Ever since Ravi Kishan became MP from Gorakhpur, he keeps talking about Hindu interests on every platform. Along with his parliamentary work, he has created a unique awareness environment of true faith and devotion towards the Hindu religion throughout India. In this work he also has the blessings of BJP government and Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. Talking about this, MP Ravi Kishan said that we are the people who follow the tradition of Basudhaiva Kutumbakam. We are concerned about the entire mankind, we keep praying to Lord Shri Ram that the flag of Hindutva should fly all over the world and there should be goodwill among living beings everywhere.Megastar Ravi Kishan also says that today our Prime Minister is awakening the flame of Hindutva in the whole world, he has also established Swami Narayan Temple in Dubai and has also taken the Prime Minister of England Rishi Sunak to Akshardham in Delhi. In such a situation, when we talk about humanity, it is about the entire human race in the world. We are people who believe in the principle of non-violence, and our Prime Minister also keeps inspiring us again and again to follow this path. Hindu religion also teaches us this. We celebrate seasonal festivals to keep our traditions alive in every season. Every form of Hindutva can be seen in it.

Niranjan Kumar Sinha is the producer of this devotional presentation of Ayodhya ke Shri Ram, which awakens the flame of Hindutva. Its director is Madhav S. Rajput. The music of the devotional song written by Madhav S. Rajput, Meenakshi SR and Pranav Vatsa and recorded in the voice of Madhav S. Rajput is also composed by Madhav S. Rajput. Have given . Its creative director and cinematographer is Shakeel Rehan Khan, choreographer is Ricky Gupta & PRO is Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala.