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Actress Vedieka Dutt supports Saki Wataishi and Ryoko Ezoe’s unique and fashionable lingerie brand Rangorie

Vedieka Dutt supports Saki Wataishi and Ryoko Ezoe’s lingerie brand Rangorie

All you ladies out there, it’s time to give a twist to your lingerie collection in your wardrobes. With the unique idea behind, one of its own kinds of lingerie brand Rangorie is all set to hit the market soon. Founded by Saki Wataishi and Ryoko Ezoe from Japan, popular actress Vedieka Dutt has joined the cause and is supporting the initiative.

Elated actress Vedieka Dutt, who is currently shooting in Bhopal for her upcoming feature film Lisha helmed by Prabhuraj says, “I am honoured to be a part of this campaign, Rangorie which is a lingerie brand for Indian women and Saki Wataishi and Ryoko Ezoe from Japan are the founders of this brand. This is the very first brand that produces customised lingeries for urban women of India. The most interesting thing is that this brand provides livelihood opportunities to the women of India as the lingeries will be made and woven by Indian women. The lingeries and inners are very comfortable to wear.”

Sharing the idea of Rangorie, Saki says, “The story began in rural area in India. Co-founder Ezoe stayed in rural area of Bihar for about 2 months and found that there were only a few participants of women in society because there are few opportunities for them to get a job, even though many of them had strong willingness to work and contribute to the house income.”

“At the same time, she also noticed that there were no specialised design lingerie for Indian ethnic clothes and no Indian ethnic patterns in lingerie, although many Indian women wore beautiful ethnic clothes. We discussed over this issue and since personally I have a strong passion to empower women and minimise inequalities, we started to make a business plan for launching a lingerie brand for Indian women produced by Indian women and we named it Rangorie, which is mixed of Rangoli and Lingerie,” she adds.

Saki Wataishi feels that rural India has a huge potential for a brand like Rangorie. She says, “There are a lot of people who have strong willingness and motivation there and as per our research, we found out that prime working-age women have time to go out for work as they live in joint families and mother and fathers-in-law will help taking care of housework and babysitting.”

Sharing about the product ranges, she adds, “We have 1 type of readymade bra in 3 colors for pilot testing and taking color orders from 20 varieties in the same price as readymade.”

Co-owner Ryoko Ezoe says, “I know that Indian women are very fashionable, so I hope they enjoy their life in fashionable comfortable lingeries. Lingerie is a secret part of fashion, so you can enjoy designs and patterns by yourself and it boosts up your mood and self-confidence.”