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Actor Pavail Gulati begins his Fitness transformation for Deva, beefs up for the role of a cop

Pavail Gulati begins his Fitness transformation for Deva

Actor Pavail Gulati is making headlines as he delves into his inspiring fitness journey, chronicling his evolution from a slender physique to achieving a muscular body that commands attention both on and off-screen.

Pavail Gulati has recently been seen dedicating more time to his fitness regimen, with remarkable results. From a sleek physique to a muscular build, Pavail has left no stone unturned in sculpting his body to perfection.

His upcoming role in the highly anticipated film “Deva” has further fueled his commitment to fitness, as he strives to match the on-screen presence of co-star Shahid Kapoor. Pavail understands the demands of his character and is determined to deliver a performance that reflects his dedication to the craft.

Pavail Gulati’s journey towards a fitter and heavier physique is not only evident on-screen but also through his active presence on social media. His dedication and hard work serve as an inspiration to his fans and followers, motivating them to pursue their fitness goals with passion and determination.

Reflecting on his transformative journey, Pavail Gulati shared, “In the pursuit of embodying my character in ‘Deva,’ I’ve embarked on a transformative fitness journey. This journey has been about more than just transforming my physique; it’s been about discipline, trying new things. I have been working to gain muscle weight to compliment the role I essay of a cop in the film. I have so far on around 3 kgs of muscle and cut down on fat! Extremely hard for me because I have a tendency to lose weight! I have been training with Amar Pendunkar to achieve the fitness that is required for the movie and my role”.