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Actor Harsh Rajput Shares Fitness and Lifestyle Secrets

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Indian TV fame Harsh Rajput has a physique that draws attention and a body to die for. The actor seems to keep a tight workout routine even after having a highly packed schedule. He keeps posting droolworthy snaps on his social media and his fans are going crazy over his perfect body! Recently he opened up about his fitness mantra and revealed secrets to his droolworthy body.

He shares, “My fitness mantra is simple. Be fit, eat healthy and most importantly take care of your mental health. Healthy Lifestyle comes naturally to me. I love my morning bowl of Oats with almond milk, along with some almonds, walnuts and chia seeds. I am a coffee addict, I have minimum 4-5 cups of black coffee a day, although I don’t recommend anyone to have so much caffeine in their bodies. ”

Opening up some more about his diet he says, “Usually I follow low carb high protein diet and I do a cheat meal once a week, which I have been following for a longest time and have been happy with it. But when I have a target to achieve, I get on a zero carb diet, the process of which is to usually shock the body and get desired results. But it needs to be done for a brief time say for about 10-15days as it leads to mood swings and cranky behaviour.”

Lastly, revealing who inspires him , he says,” So I have been following Mark walberg since quite some time, his gym routine, his diet and his daily schedule has inspired me. Recently got to know that he sleeps at like 7.30pm and wakes up around 2.30am and starts his daily workout routine by like 3.30am. He is true inspiration.”