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Even our favourite celebrities have decided their New Year resolutions

Even our favourite celebrities have decided their New Year resolutions

As New Year knocks the door, our favourite celebrities are all geared up to welcome it warmly. It’s not just a rocking party or exciting vacation, the leading actors of Indian film and TV industry have also planned their new year resolutions, to bring a constructive change in their lives.

On the top of the list is baadshah Khan of Bollywood who probably has taken the resolution to get punctual. It was quite a surprise for the reporters as well as the common public when SRK reached the venue of a recently organised event on time. When asked if it’s his new year resolution, he mentioned that he has been punctual throughout his life. “Every time it was the organizers who delayed the event for some reason or the other,” he mentioned.

Well, we really can’t comment on this note but it definitely sounds good.

It’s not just him but our very own Prachi Tehlan, who has been winning hearts of thousands through her ongoing show, has prepared her own list of resolutions. Speaking of the goals she has set for 2018, Prachi said, “I will work to get more focused and dedicated so as to achieve my short term goals. Moreover, I have altered my priority list, thereby taking ‘my fitness’ at the extreme top.”

But is there anything she does not wish to repeat this year?

Answering the same, ‘Ikyawann’ actress mentioned that she will try not to take irrelevant things to her heart.

We wish all the luck to this beauty with brains and hope that she manages to work her best towards achieving the desires.

Next actor on the list is the multi-talented Karan Oberoi, who has been entertaining us through his soulful songs, commendable acting skills, and thoughtful ideas. Revealing his new year’s resolution, ‘Band of Boys’ vocalist stated, “my new year resolution is to be more kind, gentle, passionate, compassionate, focused and more loving than in 2017. In fact, that’s my resolution every year because I am in a constant state of evolution; to be the best version of me.

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