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The Candid Kapil Sharma

The Candid Kapil Sharma

Popular comedian Kapil Sharma  was present during the trailer launch of his upcoming film  Firangi where he addressed the media after a long and cleared the air about various rumours over his fight with co-worker Sunil Grover, his relationship with Priti and about Bollywood superstar  Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Anil Kapoor being angry with him over cancelled shows.

While being asked about his much talked about fight with co actor Sunil Grover Kapil turns candid and says

“I wanted him (Sunil Grover) to launch ‘Firangi’s trailer. I even asked him to do it but he is in Canada currently. I guess he is performing a show there. So that couldn’t be possible but if he was here he would have definitely been here,”

Kapil said he never had a major fight with Sunil, but things were blown out of proportion. He said he still respects Sunil and would like to collaborate with him again.

“Something did happen but a lot was said. There was no fight with Sunil. I love him and I like to work with best people. I was bit irritated. Whatever has happened I still love him.

“I wanted him to launch the trailer of our film. I told him to come for the trailer launch but he is in Canada for a show. I think if he would have been here, he would have surely come.”

The actor also opened up about his depression and said ” I was depressed (Me depressed tha”) and I was upset too”., however he felt happy to share about it openly  “After reading what all media had published about me, I got even more depressed. It’s upsetting that negative news is valued more on any platform.

 He further ads:

“But because of it I even started to suffer from anxiety attacks. I miss my team, I can’t detach myself easily from people and things on my mind. Things like these were the reasons why I could not perform and had to cancel a few shows,” Kapil revealed.

While being asked about  scuffle with co-star to cancelling shoots with Bollywood biggies such as SRK, Salman Khan and Anil Kapoor  comedian Kapil, whohas been going through a low phase since the beginning of this year admits his mistakes saying :”maine bahut galti ki hai”.

When it comes to Bollywood biggies  Kapil said, “People wrote stories like, I’ve sent Shah Rukh Khan away from my sets. The thing is I reached the set at 2 p.m. and SRK was supposed to come at 7 p.m.

“He was shooting nearby and somewhere at 8 p.m., I suddenly felt that I cannot shoot, I won’t be able to go on set, I cancelled the shoot and then I cancelled the second shot, third and fourth. Some people understood my problem, but some spread rumours,” Kapil told media.

Explaining the Anil Kapoor episode, Kapil said, “When Anil Kapoor sir came to the sets, he saw that I cannot host the show and he was okay with it. He assured me that he will come next time.

“Shah Rukh Khan came to meet me, he advised me ‘Take rest and set your mind’, and I took his advice and took a break. I even talked to Anil Kapoor as I was feeling guilty about cancelling the shoot,” said Kapil, explaining his side of the story.

the film Firangi is set during the British era. The trailer reveals that the audience will be witnessing the quirkiest fight against the British that has ever been seen.

Talking about the film, Kapil said, “Films about the pre-Independence era have always shown the darker side of that time, but people still lived their lives and had happy moments. This film talks about those


“People will love to see the slice of life feel in that era, they will be able to see how people lived in harmony and had some small fights too. Manga, my character, does not feel that the Brits were bad.”

The film, directed by Rajiev Dhingra, is produced by Kapil Sharma and also stars Ishita Dutta, Monica Gill, Aanjjan Srivastav, Maryam Zakaria and Raju Srivastav (special appearance).

Firangi is scheduled for release on November 24. Here is the wonderful teaser


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