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Women’s Day Special: Seerat Kapoor says, ‘Men are not hot-headed, they have a vulnerable side, women need to understand them too’

Seerat Kapoor on Women's Day

Choreographer turned actress Seerat Kapoor is a popular name in Telugu cinema. She’s carved a niche as a dancer who could do so much more. As we celebrate the glory of women in our lives on the occasion of International Women’s Day, Seerat Kapoor opens up on feminism, shares her personal experiences and more.

Seerat Kapoor has always impressed her fans with her acting prowess and stellar looks, the actress is a true example of beauty in and out and on the special occasion of women’s day, the actress says, “In my point of view, feminism was never meant to be looked at in a negative way. Both men and women have always meant to complement each other. But of course, we all go through our bittersweet experiences, whether it’s friendships or even with the family. Whether you are a feminist or not, what matters that you’re honest and you put across your thoughts in a dignified way.”

Seerat further adds, “At home, definitely, belief comes first. We don’t always have the clarity of where life turns and when it will translate into our aspirations and dreams. So if you have a family that supports you in terms of belief and trusts your potential, it makes a difference. My entire journey is inspired by this note. It is also important for you to be able to deal with situations, regardless of someone’s opinion of you. You should know what your potential is and what you can make of it in the coming years. Self-belief comes first, both at home and in the workplace.”

The actress also shares about her expectations from men for creating a healthy long lasting relationship and says, “The first expectation is, I should also see him as an equal. There’s this myth that a man needs to be the provider, be it emotionally or financially. If we’re talking about equality, then we, as women, should also put efforts to understand them. I don’t think men are hot-headed. There is a vulnerable side to them as well. They also need to be understood. I would want my man to be free, I would want him to explore his life, do whatever he wants to, as long as we have honesty and communication between us. If I can do that with the right person, I’m sure that person would also treat me in the same way.”

On the work front, Seerat will be seen playing the lead in Dil Raju’s next, which is yet untitled.