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Vihaan Samat opens up on Chemistry with Mismatched Costars

Vihaan Samat with Mismatched Costars

The amazing camaraderie shared by Mismatched cast has our hearts ever since day one of the first season. The equation that the stars share onscreen and off screen as well was a total hit straightaway, winning over audiences worldwide. Vihaan Samat, one of the star cast of the series shares an excellent chemistry with them all and opened up about it, saying “We’re like the best of friends even in real life and the friendship has only increased from season to season. Shooting with them comes so natural and doesn’t really feel like work because we’re actually having a ton of fun! Retuning to a Mismatched set is like returning home.We’ve all spent hours after set chatting about way more than work – about our past, relationships, hopes and dreams and for me it was possibly the most meaningful part of the set”

Vihaan Samat played the character of Harsh , one of the most loved from the cast of the show gave us a brilliant performance in season 1 and was an instant favorite among all with his lovely smiles and personality.
Netflix has finally announced that October 14th 2022 is the lucky day when the Season 2 releases! Nearing the date now, the group is busy promoting the show and treating us to some the fun interviews!

Talking about the season 2 Vihaan says “It’s exciting, comforting and also unpredictable. It’s everything that season 1 was and more and we are all super excited for it to release. Season 1 received a lot of love and support and we hope the same for part 2.”