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Two decades later ‘Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein’ is still fresh, relatable and memorable

Here are five dialogues from this Pooja Entertainment cult classic which are still popular across social media

Pooja Entertainment’s romantic offering ‘Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein’ completes 20 years on October 19 and its music, dialogues and the general air of timeless romance have over the decades become even more popular.

Released in 2001, RHTDM marked the debut of Dia Mirza and Madhavan and was directed by Gautham Menon, and boasted some memorable ditties by Harris Jayaraj. Pooja Entertainment was also responsible for introducing Gautham Menon and Harris Jayaraj to the Hindi film industry. The simple story with a twist was about a chance encounter that turns into love between a principled young girl, Reena Malhotra and an impulsive young man, Madhav ‘Maddy’ Shastri over a span of five days. Things get complicated when a suave and successful NRI Rajeev (Saif Ali Khan) arrives from the US to marry Reena.

Over time, the songs and one liners from the film have caught the imagination of the young and are often used in memes, across social media platforms and as conversational reference points. We share some of our absolute favourites:

1) Ek Ladki Dekhi Bilkul Bijli Ki Tarah… One Flash… Ek Chamak Aur Mein Apna Dil Kho Baitha

The meaning of love at first sight is encapsulated in these lines spoken by Maddy after he catches a glimpse of Reena on a rainy night. The cynics amongst us may not believe in magic, but the film does hint at some mysterious force that propels two strangers towards each other. And sure enough, the film’s large fan following has come to believe in this magic too.

2) Kuch Mulakatein Yaadein Chhod Jaati Hai Aur Kuchh Vade

In filmy lingo, a ‘Mulakat’ is a loaded word and could lead to all sorts of complications or just plain simple love. A very special ‘mulakat’ in this film leaves behind a treasure-trove of beautiful memories and leads to promises that demand to be fulfilled against all odds.

3) Saccha Pyar Kabhi Khali Haath Wapas Nahin Aata Hai

Okay, this one may sound a bit naive to a whole lot of us but is it really? What is life after all without the faith that everything will work out for us all in the end? And that if we love well, all will be well? The film definitely gives this feel-good message and perhaps that is why, it is loved so much.

4) Jab Kisi Ladki Se Pyar Ho Jata Hai Na… Toh Dil Ke Channel Per Bas Ek Hi Program Chalta Hai… Just Mohabbat

In this age of attention deficits and multiple tabs that remain open in our heads and laptops, singleminded love may be a bit of a stretch but RHTDM, still endorses a romance that takes up all the heart space and runs like a never-ending song in the mind. And that brings us to the songs in the film? When was the last time you heard something half as melodious as ‘Zara Zara?’

5) Bus Ab Ek Hi Tamanna Hai… Rehna Hai Uske Dil Mein

Speaking of single-minded love, this line perhaps sums it best and presents to us a love-lorn hero who just wants to stay in the heart of his beloved. In a world where romance is considered old-fashioned, RHTDM is proof that true love never goes out of style.