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The Hindi version of Marathi horror comedy, ‘Victoria’ arriving soon

The Hindi version of Marathi horror comedy 'Victoria'

Producer Anand Pandit says, the decision to have a dubbed version was made in response to audience demand

Veteran producer Anand Pandit’s big-budget, Marathi horror comedy, ‘Victoria’ is making waves since its release on 13th January, 2023. With the buzz around the film growing, Pandit took to Instagram and announced that on audience demand, a dubbed, Hindi version will arrive soon as well. This is in keeping with the trend of pan Indian films that break language barriers on the strength of their content.

Says Pandit, “I have always maintained that this film with its large canvas, production values and strong narrative has the potential to be a pan-Indian hit and this is why it will be dubbed in Hindi as well. Horror geeks and fans of good cinema across the country also wanted to see the film in Hindi.”

‘Victoria’ has cutting-edge cinematography and VFX and has been extensively shot in Scotland. The film boasts an intriguing narrative revolving around a couple and their shocking experiences in a hotel run by a mysterious man of many secrets.

Directed by Virajas Kulkarni and Jeet Ashok, the film is produced by Anand Pandit, Roopa Pandit and Pushkar Jog. It stars Pushkar Jog, Sonalee Kulkarni, Akshay Kulkarni, Heera Sohal and Mikaila Telford.

Pandit concludes, ” ‘Victoria’ is entertaining everybody because a well-made horror film comes once in a while and when it does, it generates a lot of interest.”