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Seerat Kapoor Radiates Elegance In A Medusa Look Costing A Whopping Price Of Over 2,60,000 Rs.

Seerat Kapoor Medusa Look

Seerat Kapoor is the epitome of grace and glamour who has always mesmerized everyone. Despite being up to the mark always, she never fails to stay grounded to her roots. Being caught up due to her busy schedule the actress however never fails to offer herself for any social cause and recently graced the ramp for a noble cause, Teach for Change, leaving everyone stunned with her appearance.

Seerat makes sure to connect with her fans and update them about her daily life, via social media updates and the actress recently took to her social media and shared some Goddess bomb pictures of herself which is surely making our hearts skip a beat. Dressed in the exquisite Medusa collection by the renowned designer AMIT GT, Seerat exuded an aura of timeless sophistication that seamlessly blended with her innate charm.

The ensemble she wore was a masterpiece, featuring a sleeveless deep plunging neckline and a high-slit cut dress adorned with intricate embroidery and a captivating embellished cape. The combination of black and gold, embellished with mini beads and glitter, accentuated Seerat’s curves flawlessly, adding to the allure of her appearance. This masterpiece design cost a whopping price of Rs, 2,11,000.


With perfect dewy makeup, winged eyeliner, and nude lips, complemented by her tresses tied up in a messy wavy bun, Seerat Kapoor epitomized elegance and poise. Keeping her accessories minimal, she opted for diamond earrings from Siddhartha Fine Jewelers and paired her attire with black silver-striped pencil heels, effortlessly completing her look. The accessories and the heels cost around 50,000 Rs.

Seerat Kapoor’s pictures are nothing short of mesmerizing, showcasing her innate ability to blend sophistication with allure effortlessly. With that real flowers backdrop and massive shining balls, Seerat pictures are surely eye-boggling and you just can’t stop yourself from saying, “Just looking like a wow”. Her dedication to supporting social causes, evident through her participation in the Teach for Change initiative, reflects her admirable commitment to making a positive impact on society.

Seeing Seerat’s Medusa look, fans went gaga over her beauty, to which one fan wrote, “You are killing it 🔥🔥”, and another wrote, “Slayin’ 👑”, “Goddess Beauty🔥”.

We can surely say that Seerat is one actress who never fails to inspire millions with her charm, grace and unwavering commitment to making a difference in the world by staying grounded always.