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ROADIES REWIND: Clock back to the best highlights of ‘MTV Roadies -Journey in South Africa’ that put all bonds and strategies to test

best highlights of ‘MTV Roadies -Journey in South Africa’

It has been an unmissable thrill ride with MTV Roadies – Journey in South Africa. The adventure-packed season has had every viewer looking for clues to what lies ahead for the super-talented and wildly scheming contestants. While every contestant is on beat mode with tasks and strategies, it is time to rewind and recall some of the wow moments of this season which have surely had frenemies become buddies and laugh their hearts out.

Check out some of the top moments of this season!

  1. The unforgettable upgrade from the campsite to a lavish Villa! – Braving all the odds at the campsite was exciting for sure, but the gorgeous villa was a big mood booster for each contestant! Super-excited by this upgrade, every Roadie burst into their funny banter, while others chilled out to get their head back into the game. All in all, it was a well-deserved treat.
  2. When the buddies cheated death with that dangerous waterfall abseiling task – The treacherous terrain of the waterfall was really high on the risk level, but immunity was the reward to ace it, and Buddy Pairs went all out to prove how badly they wanted to survive in the show. The steep, slippery slope of the abseiling task gave the participants the real feel of danger, but the guidance from dynamic host Sonu Sood got them going just fine.
  3. When the roadies put on their dancing shoes – There was this one task that brought every contestant out of their comfort zones. They had to dance to entertain South African locals, that too in desi Bollywood style!! The Roadies put on their dancing shoes and shook a leg to some of the hippest Hindi chartbusters. Some impersonated Hrithik Roshan’s famous steps, while lovebirds got all flirtatious with their sensuous moves. This task was surely an ice-breaker among many duos, as it spiced up the chemistry between them.
  4. When Baseer Ali and Kevin Almasifar clashed head-on! – Both these former contestants are hot-headed. While they share good terms now, we can’t forget the nasty fight they had in one of the past episodes. Baseer had blamed Kevin for cheating and provoking him to advance in the game, and we know how it all ends when someone tries Kevin’s temper!
  5. Sonu Sood performed the deadliest stunt on the show – bungee-jumping. He jumped from 216 metres, which is the highest bridge – Brooklyn Bridge and his whole experience of jumping was so special that everyone viewer loved it

Catch the finale episode of ‘MTV Roadies – Journey in South Africa’ at 7 pm only on MTV