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‘Reading ‘Garrm Coat’ was a great experience as the story is very close to my heart”: Fawad Khan

Fawad Khan in Zee Theatre’s ‘Yaar Julahay’

The ‘Churails’ actor narrates Rajinder Singh Bedi’s poignant tale in Zee Theatre’s ‘Yaar Julahay’

Actor Fawad Khan came to be recognised all across the subcontinent when the superhit web series ‘Churails’ established him as a scene-stealer. He will now be seen as the narrator of Rajinder Singh Bedi’s classic story, ‘Garrm Coat’ in Zee Theatre’s new series ‘Yaar Julahay’. Fawad was familiar with the premise of ‘Garrm Coat’ and says, “Reading the story was a great experience as it is very close to my heart. There are many thoughts and feelings, the audience can distil from the narrative but I hope, I have been able to communicate its essence successfully.” The episode will be aired on Tatasky Theatre throughout this week.

Sarmad says Fawad was a natural choice for the dramatic reading and adds, “I have always liked his work. He has a certain believability that was needed for a story like this. ‘Garrm Coat’ is a story about deprivation and how it can impact your relationships, your personality and your life. Yet, Fawad brought a certain pulse to the narration that prevented it from becoming morose.”

Both Fawad and Sarmad are great admirers of Sahitya Academy awardee and multiple Filmfare winner Rajinder Singh Bedi who was one of the leading lights of progressive Urdu writing and also a director and screenwriter. Says Fawad, “Rajinder Singh Bedi’s writing very delicately depicts the inner conflicts of a husband and a father who almost loses his bearings when a hundred rupee note goes missing. I tried to give the character a certain dignity that I hope the audience will appreciate.”

Sarmad concludes, “Rajinder Singh Bedi wrote complex human stories in a very refined, literary language. On the surface , the story revolves around a clerk whose desire for a new coat collides with the responsibilities he has towards his family, but there is a lot more to the theme. It is a social drama about class and about human nature. This production is a tribute to his unmatched craft as a writer.”

To find out whether the protagonist finally gets to buy a warm, new coat for himself, watch ‘Garrm Coat’ on Tatasky Theatre.