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Producer Piyush singh is bringing a film with Manoj Bajpayee

Producer Piyush Singh film with Manoj Bajpayee

After Amitabh Bachchan and Dhanush, Producer Piyush Singh is bringing a film with Manoj Bajpayee
• Manoj Bajpayee starring “Bhonsle” to be released on OTT platform Sony Liv on 26 June
• The film has made a mark in international film festivals

Mumbai: Producer Piyush Singh, now come up with his new film Bhonsle lead starred Manoj Bajpayee on the OTT platform Sony Liv. The film is going to be releasing on 26 June. The film’s star cast includes Abhishek Bannerjee, Santosh Juvekar. He has also produced Amitabh Bachchan’s Marathi film AB Ani CD. Piyush Singh has previously made short films like Kriti, Tandava. Last year he was also co-produced Dhanush’s international film “The Extra Ordinary Journey of a Fakir’. Talking about Bhonsle, producer Piyush Singh said he is very happy that his film is going to be released on the OTT platform. In this time of lockdown, it is necessary to have sensitive content in front of the audience. So the company decided to bring it on OTT. Bhonsle has won acclaim in more than a dozen film festivals around the world. The film also holds the prestigious Asia Pacific Screen Award, including numerous awards at the Festival of Busan International Film Festival, London, USA.

Manoj Bajpayee's Bhonsle Poster

Bhonsle is the story of Marathi policeman who goes beyond the feeling of regionalism and takes some steps which are shocking to the present society. There have been many discussions before about the subject of the film. Piyush, who has shown the courage to make films on subjects like Bhonsle, says that it is imperative to give a glimpse of society in cinema. Regionalism has been a major problem of India and in such a situation it has been a very challenging film. We expect a good response from the audience. Golden Ratio Film co-founder Piiyush’s upcoming plans are quite ambitious.

Piyush Singh said that due to the lockdown, new announcements of the company have been deferred. As everything will be normal, the company is announcing new films with some big stars. Abhyanand Singh, the head of Golden Ratio Film, is also very excited about Bhonsle. He told that his Marathi film AB Ani CD with Amitabh Bachchan has been released just before the lockdown.

There was a lockdown upon release, after which the film was brought to Amazon Prime OTT. Abhyanand Singh said that Bhonsle’s content is completely new to India. This film talks directly on the issues on which we hesitate to talk. He also said that in the future, the company intends to make such issue-based films.