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Preeti Jhangiani’s fitness secrets and helath tips you should learn

Preeti Jhangiani's fitness secrets

Proving to be an absolute fitness freak, Preeti Jhangiani leaves no stone unturned to achieve her fitness goals. Her training is inspirational, and achievable and drives many to be like her. Beating away laziness, she visits the gym daily and engages in rigorous workout schedules with her trainer.

Apart from her splendid acting, the other thing that has received a lot of attention is her fabulous physique and fitness. Working out every day is a must for her, and her training is more often similar to that followed by an athlete. Celebrity fitness secrets have always grabbed our attention, as with each successive performance, they mesmerise us with a look never seen before.

She talks about her fitness mantra, “Some of my chosen methods for maintaining a desirable body and weight are working out regularly, trying out new and different forms of exercise and maintaining a particular diet suitable for my body requirements. I do functional training with Sohfit officials.”

Famously known for her memorable performance in Mohabbatein, Preeti Jhangiani is nothing less than a notable personality even in the world of arm wrestling championships. She co-found and launched India’s first professional arm-wrestling league, Pro Panja League or PPL in February 2020. For the past couple of years, Preeti has been working on fitness and heading the Fitness India Show, which she started in 2017