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Pranati Rai Prakash India’s Next Top Model 2 Winner Sheds Light On Her 6kgs Weight Loss Journey Post Her Theatrical Character

Pranati Rai Prakash Weight Loss Journey

In the world of glitz and glamour, where appearances often take precedence, actress Pranati Rai Prakash stands out as a beacon of inspiration. Known for her versatility as an artist and crowned as the winner of India’s Top Model Season 2, Pranati recently embarked on a transformative journey for a theatrical play that demanded her to gain a significant amount of weight. What makes her story truly motivating is the dedication and hard work she put into reclaiming her fit and fabulous self in a short span of just three months.

Pranati has always amazed the audience with her performances and recently for one of her most demanded theatre plays Khamosh Adalat Jari Hai, the script had demanded her to put on 6-7 kilograms, a daunting task for someone whose public image had always been associated with fitness and a healthy lifestyle. However, Pranati approached this challenge with the same determination that has defined her career.

The journey from gaining those extra kilos to shedding them off was not an easy one for Pranati. She took a holistic approach to her fitness, combining various forms of exercise and maintaining a disciplined diet. Pranati shares her transformation journey by giving us major fitness goals.

The actress in her transformation says, “I’ve always been widely known for my physical fitness, which helped me win India’s Next Top Model 2. However, when I started doing theatre, my character demanded me to do something that I wasn’t sure I could do, but I gladly obliged since the part required me to look more mature. As a result, I gained over 6 kg, but it took a lot of work to lose it back. It’s never too easy for anything, but give time to yourself and your body. With a strong sense of will, I was able to return to my previous physique in a few months and shredded those 6kgs”

Talking more about her diet and gym routine Pranati says “I made sure to do lots and lots of exercise and spent most of my time there. I used to do some days hardcore gym or MMA or pilates followed by yoga. I made sure to eat less fats and more carbs and protein. I even did intermittent fasting and that played an important role. The journey was tough but I did with all the things I love like dancing my heart out in Kathak, yoga, and many more.

Check Out Few Of Her Videos Now

Pranati is surely serving us major Motivation Motivation goals with her stunning transformation looks and gym videos. Her recent social media now features many sensuous pictures, proving that she is back in shape and ready to conquer new heights in her career. So, this Monday, let Pranati Rai Prakash be your motivation to embrace your transformative journey, whatever it may be.

On the work front, Pranati recently made her Tollywood debut with a special dance number with Vishwak Sen in song, O Dollar Pillagaa.