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“Paro – The Untold Story of Slavery” Unveils Trailer and Poster at Cannes Film Festival and launches sales at the Cannes Market

"Paro - The Untold Story of Slavery" at Cannes Film Festival

An Indo-US co-production, “Paro – The Untold Story of Slavery,” is set to make waves at the 77th Cannes Film Festival with the launch of its trailer and poster at the Bharat Pavilion and sales at the Cannes Market. This groundbreaking film sheds light on the grim reality of the Paro – Bride Slavery System, delivering a powerful message that demands societal action against human trafficking and injustice.

Directed by renowned and multi-award-winning international filmmaker, Gajendra Ahire, (THR article) and produced by Trupti Bhoir Films and Sandesh Sharda International Productions Pvt Ltd, Paro transcends borders and cultures. With editing by Ballu Saluja (Academy member behind Lagaan, Dangal among many other titles) and Priya Samant, a tech entrepreneur, as the Executive Producer and impact advisor the film promises to leave an indelible mark on audiences worldwide.

As part of the promotional activities at Cannes we are launching a song titled ‘Lament’ exclusively created for Paro’s soundtrack by composer Satish Chakravarthy and fado music superstar  of Portugal, Dulce Pontes, that gives musical expression to the pain and injustices suffered by the victims of bride slavery.

Leading the cast is the immensely talented actor Taha Shah Badussha (Heeramandi, netflix) accompanied by versatile film actress and producer Trupti Bhoir (touring talkies) THR article , THR article 2 . The cast also includes veteran Govind Namdeo ; Aishwarya Sonar with previous credits including Priyanka Chopra’s indian production and Priya Samant.

Speaking about the film, Taaha Shah Badussha said “Being part of ‘Paro – The Untold Story of Slavery’ is significant. It’s about the Paro – Bride Slavery System, aiming to raise awareness and spur action against human trafficking. Proud to be part of this Indo-US project, believing in our power to make a difference.”

Trupti Bhoir stated “Bringing together Indo-US producers for a joint production has allowed us to incorporate the best practices from both worlds, delivering a world-class, impactful entertainment product.”

Sandesh Sharda echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the importance of collaboration in creating meaningful cinema that resonates with audiences globally.

Priya Samant affirmed her dedication to utilizing entertainment for cultural diplomacy, remarking, “As a staunch advocate of using impactful cinema to foster social change, ‘Paro’ underscores the pressing importance of combating human trafficking and exploitation.”

“Paro – The Untold Story of Slavery” promises to be a cinematic revelation, challenging conventions and inspiring action for a world free from exploitation and injustice. Don’t miss the unveiling of the trailer and poster at the Bharat Pavilion during the Cannes Film Festival.