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On Father’s Day, Zee Theatre’s stars share cherished memories that continue to inspire and guide them

Zee Theatre's stars on fathers day

Shahbaz Khan, Taaruk Raina and Mayuri Deshmukh share how grateful they are for the unconditional fatherly love and guidance they have received

A guiding hand, a safe harbour, an anchor and the wind beneath our wings; a father can be all this and more. On Father’s Day, a few Zee Theatre stars share what the word, ‘father,’ stands for in their life and how fatherly love has shaped their lives and careers.

Shahbaz Khan, the star of Zee Theatre’s teleplay ‘Daag – O – Hijab’ is the son of Ustad Amir Khan, one of the greatest and most influential Indian vocalists in the Hindustani classical tradition and founder of the Indore gharana. He was a Padma Bhushan and Sangeet NatakAkademi awardee and achieved an iconic status in his lifetime. Shahbaz says, “Unfortunately, he passed away in a car accident when I was just 7-years-old. Even though I had very little time with him, I grew up with his memory as a source of inspiration. Even in his absence, the memories of those who were close to him, his music, his legacy and the love of his peers and fans spread across the world, made me feel that he was around me and guiding me every step of the way. By being such a great stalwart and a genius, he instilled in me a passion for perfection and made me self-reliant and strong. His inspiration and his strength have made me who I am today. I may not have achieved anything compared to him but I feel, he has always watched over me like a protective shadow. Apart from me, he has also inspired thousands of musicians in the subcontinent and has been a guiding light for not just me but many. ”

Taaruk Raina who stars in Zee Theatre’s teleplay ‘Dhumrapaan’ says he is extremely grateful to his father for being his protective shield and guardian angel. He adds,”Even when he’s not around me, there’s always this sense of security that he gives me. I feel that if I’m ever in a crisis, my father will get me out of it. He has also encouraged me to pursue my aspirations, has always been supportive and inspired me to believe in myself which I’m extremely grateful for.”

Mayuri Deshmukh who wrote and also starred in the Zee Theatre teleplay, ‘Dear Aajo’ says she is grateful to her father for the exposure he gave her by facilitating travel to different parts of India and the world. She recalls, “These trips gave me so many unforgettable memories and in so many other ways too, my father has been instrumental in shaping the journey of my life. When I told him that I wanted to pursue acting, he was obviously not very happy about it. He was extremely worried because we have no godfather in the industry. However he encouraged me to do a Masters in Theatre Arts which he thought would be a very good foundation for the craft that I wanted to pursue and would give me the grammar I needed to evolve as an actor. This proved to be the turning point in my life.”