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Natasha Suri is grateful for the love and appreciation received for her performance in latest movie Tipppsy

Natasha Suri in latest movie Tipppsy

As an artiste, Natasha Suri is a force to reckon with and the biggest reason behind that is that come what may, she has always given her best in anything and everything that she’s done. From being a successful Former Miss India to Supermodel to TV host and eventually becoming a mainstream actress in the Hindi Film Industry, Natasha Suri has certainly come a long way in her career. She’s currently basking in the glory and enjoying the success of her latest film ‘Tipppsy’ and well, why not? Ever since the film released in cinemas, the audience has been going gaga over her impressive performance in the film. From social media apps to grapevine buzz, a lot has been discussed positively about Natasha and everyone is well aware about it. Well, no wonder, the actress is in a very happy space after the release of her 5th film. Reacting to all the love and admiration that came her way, Natasha says, “Well, the biggest reason why the success of Tipppsy makes me happy is that the subject is different from what I have done in the past. As an artiste, whenever you do something new, there lies an element of uncertainty initially. However, once that turns into success, it’s an incredibly happy feeling and that’s exactly what I am experiencing now. Also, I don’t think any film has been made in the past about a female bachelorette, especially about how things go haywire over there. I have seen a lot been made on male bachelor parties but not on females. So, the subject itself is quite fresh and interesting. To add to that, when your performance and craft gets a good response, you feel happy and elated. Thank you so much to everyone who took time out of their busy schedules to go and watch Tipppsy. A huge shoutout to everyone who watched it and loved me for my on-screen presence. I promise to do even better work with every new project that I undertake. Stay tuned.” Well, after the success of  her project ‘Dangerous’  Natasha Suri has certainly managed to make the audiences sit up and notice her potential. Here’s hoping that she continues the successful run at the movies and here’s wishing her good luck for everything that she does. Stay tuned for more updates.