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Melody queen Shreya Ghoshal releases a soulful, post-pandemic single, ‘Angana Morey’

Shreya Ghoshal new song 'Angana Morey'

The award-winning sensation joins hands with her musician brother Soumyadeep Ghoshal to virtually create this classically rooted, electropop ode to lost love

Award-winning singer, composer and music producer Shreya Ghoshal’s soulful post-pandemic single, ‘Angana Morey’, releases today. Shreya has teamed up with her brother and talented musician, Soumyadeep Ghoshal, to compose and produce this electropop ode to love and longing. Interestingly, the entire song, which is an energetic electro bandish track, was created and produced virtually, with the creative team working independently and then coalescing the whole composition seamlessly.

Shreya says, “The song creation process was a lot of fun because I had a fabulous team of musicians jamming and exploring new ideas constantly. And then the video creation was another awesome experience. Because of the COVID-19 scare, I wasn’t comfortable going to any studio for a shoot so the team behind BToS Productions brought the shoot home! The post-production touches by this team added that surreal and magical factor to the video that just blew us all away. The 3D rendering and graphics which were woven around me just elevated the entire visual experience to another level. I must also mention the extraordinary dancer duo from Team Nrityashakti and the choreography by the amazing Shakti Mohan that created wonders!”

The song, Shreya says is intensely evocative and intricately weaves together earthy classical traditions with layered electropop instrumentation. That it emerged during the ongoing pandemic, gives it a certain poignancy.
Says Shreya, “The pandemic and the entire 2020 were obviously very depressing for all of us in many ways. But in a way, there were some blessings in disguise. Honestly, I had not had a break like this in years and I once again began to focus on my ‘Riyaz’ routine. I became a more mindful listener and started learning with a more meditative and creative bent of mind. While finding small joys in the confines of my home, I started doing gardening, cooking, cleaning, and working on some pending film projects from my home studio. During this phase, my heart was craving to create a song which resonated with my semi-classical musical roots and that is how the idea of, ‘Angana Morey’ was born.”

The transportive song is Shreya’s contemporary interpretation of the ‘nayika’ in throes of separation and has been choreographed with a subliminal dream like quality that transitions from one existential plane to another