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“Mein Hero Bol Raha Hu” Arslan Goni opens up about his struggle and being an outsider in Bollywood

Arslan Goni

Arslan Goni who made his Bollywood debut with the film “Jia Aur Jia” is all set to play a negative lead role in Alt Balaji’s upcoming “Mein Hero Bol Raha Hu”. Arslan Goni strives mainly on the characteristic role and hence is exploring the world of web series. Arlan Goni recently revealed that Shahrukh Khan’s song “Chaiyaa Chaiyaa” inspired him to be an actor, when he was just in 9th grade.

Arslan Goni who decided to follow his dream to be an actor is living one now as he has a bunch of projects to announce where he’ll be playing the lead. The actor revealed the time when he moved to Mumbai and his struggle of becoming an actor, Arslan Goni said, ” It was back in the day, it was very difficult to make a film especially with an outsider or a newcomer. For a film to see the day of light… anyway when you get into a film, it is a 50-50 percent chance of getting shelve and yes, it breaks your heart, of course, We worked very hard and in fact, 95 percent of the film was shot but it didn’t release.

He further added, ” I think everybody has their own story and everybody has their own struggle. I had my part of struggles in which it takes you time to build a connection and you don’t know anybody. The struggle starts with finding a house in Bombay, to be very honest. I think 90 percent of us go through. some people will have more struggle and some people will have less struggle. But it’s tough. It is not a very easy space to cut into, firstly. Now, with the web, the opportunities for work are so much. A couple of years back, it was not like that.”

On the work front, Arslan Goni has signed a web series, “Main Hero Boll Raha Hoon” with Alt Balaji, which is said to be directed by Siddhartha Luther. In this web series, Arslan Goni will be seen in the character of a gangster, about which he said, “I am playing the role of a don, who is a grey shaded character. He is very eccentric, loud, and a big-time trouble-maker. It was very interesting playing this character as I have never ventured into something like this before. I absolutely loved the creative freedom I had while playing this character, thanks to my director Siddhartha Luther.”