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Meet These Indian Singers Who Are Also Pet Parents

Indian Singers Who Are Also Pet Parents

Dogs are the biggest cuddlers in the world. Be it a little pup or the grown-up one, they just love cuddling. Well, guess what some of our favorite singers do too. The way these celebs show love for their furry friends is enough to make us go awww.

Singer Sonu Nigam is a proud parent of many dog breeds including Chihuahuas, and also other small dog breeds like Shih Tzus and Pomeranians. The handsome takes his responsibilities seriously, ensuring that his dogs receive the best care possible. He makes sure that they are well-fed, exercised regularly, and receive proper medical attention when needed. He also encourages his fans to adopt pets from animal shelters and give them a loving home.

The country’s Punjabi hip-hop Queen Neha Kakkar is another fan of cute little dogs. Neha once hosted a little chowchow for a week and she was completely besotted by him. She shared the cutest pictures with her adorable friend and treated her fans to little chowchow’s chubby cheeks.

Actress and Singer Liza Malik is a happy enthusiastic parent of a perfect dog Emma. She is often spotted with her pet whom she calls her ‘daughter’. Like every pet lover who is obsessed with their pets, the beautiful actress too uploads a lot of pictures of her dog whose guilt-free face and super innocent eyes can melt the coldest of hearts. So, in case you’re having a dull day, have a look at Liza with her fur baby Emma who will instantly light up your day!

Lastly, India’s Nightingale Shreya Ghoshal owns a gorgeous Golden Retriever who heavily dominates her official Instagram account. Besides her newborn baby boy, Devyaan Mukhopadhyaya, Shreya Ghoshal is also a mother to her fur baby, Sherlock Ghoshal. Shreya has a “warm fuzzy” “Sunshine” in her life that she just cannot live without. Singer, Shreya Ghoshal often takes to her Instagram handle to share a glimpse of how her pet.

Seeing these super delightful moments of our beloved artists with their pets truly makes us feel happy and brightens up our moods!