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’Makers of Thalaivi’ unveil legend MGR’s look on his 103rd birth anniversary

Makers of Thalaivi’ unveil legend MGR’s look

On the occasion of the 103rd birthday anniversary of Late Former Tamil Nadu CM MGR, the first look of his character played by Arvind Swami in ‘Thalaivi’ has been unveiled. The first look of Kangana Ranaut in and as Jayalalithaa has already piqued the audience’s interest and created a furore. Celebrating MGR’s grand life, and the highs and milestones that he saw in his lifetime, both as an actor and a successful leader, producers Vishnu Vardhan Induri and Shailesh R Singh unveiled actor Arvind Swami’s first look at MGR in Thalaivi to extend their heartiest tribute to one of India’s most anticipated trilingual biopics by far.

legend MGR’s look on Thalaivi

Vijay, director of the film says, “As I have said before, it’s an honour for me to be getting an opportunity to direct a film like Thalaivi. To delve into the lives of legends, who have shaped Tamil Nadu in a greater way of what it is today is an amazing experience. But what has been a blend of the exciting and challenging process was the casting of the actors to essay these gigantic roles. In particular, after Kangana Ranaut was brought onboard for the character of honourable former Late CM Jayalalitha, we had to consider several artists for the role of honourable MGR. Finally, we felt Arvind Swami would befittingly look perfect. In simple words, we are now completely drenched in extreme astonishment to find him give immense life to the legendary character. Apart from our inputs, he spent sumptuous time and energy in getting to know more deeply about the legend’s life. Of course, MGR is still the most loved leader of zillions or else how would he become the only actor to be the recipient of the Bharat Ratna Award. So, it’s been a journey of intense dedication for all of us in the team to pictorially represent his adorable deeds in celluloid version.

The film encapsulates the life and times of J Jayalalithaa, played by Kangana Ranaut. The role MGR played in Jayalalithaa’s journey to stardom and politics is widely known. And so, it was imperative to not only cast an actor who looks suitable for the part but also understands the life lead by MGR. South star Arvind Swami, best known for his performances in films like Roja and Bombay, turned out to be an apt choice for the role. The actor nailed his look as MGR for the film’s poster — his uncanny resemblance to one of the country’s earliest superstars is hard for anyone to miss.

Thalaivi also marks Arvind’s re-entry into Bollywood.

Produced by Vishnu Vardhan Induri and Shaailesh R Singh for Vibri Motion Pictures in association with Karma Media & Entertainment, ‘Thalaivi’ will have its worldwide release on June 26, 2020.