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Lizaa Malik gets diagnosed with ‘auto immune’ disease, takes us through her path to recovery

Lizaa Malik is one of the most talented and admired singers in the country and we love her for all the right reasons. Apart from being a singer with a beautiful and melancholic voice, Lizaa is also someone who’s quite empathetic and affectionate towards animals, a quality that makes her all the way more likeable. While more often than not, she being in the news and limelight makes fans happy, this time it’s a different scenario. Yes, that’s right. The singer reveals for the first time that she has been diagnosed with an ‘auto immune’ disease. The good thing however is that she’s almost recovered and is still following the process. On being asked more about an inspiring recovery journey, Lizaa says and we quote,

“So I recently suffered from an auto-immune disorder. No earlier intimidation. Just overnight. In the morning, I woke up with a big bald patch. I initially thought that it must be the reaction of some expired product but unfortunately it was the first sign of auto-immune disorder. The doctor told me that it’s alopecia areata. Post that, I had to travel. I came back in about a timeline of 10 days and by the time I came back, I had another big bald patch. It was alarming for me and so I got all the body tests done. My entire vitamin D-12, D-3, everything was gone and I was told that it is stress-driven. I could not resume my work although I was desperate to get back to shoot. I came to Delhi after that to get myself treated. However, slowly, I started developing joint pain, lower-back pain and all that. It was the second sign of the auto-immune disorder which was ‘rheumathoid arthritis’.”

She further adds,

“I initially tried mizo injections and lot of other ones for the hair growth part. It wasn’t working and I had to resume work. So I didn’t go the Ayurvedic and homeopathic way. Due to my joint pain, I was not able to stand up, walk and workout. I was on oral and injectable steroids for 2-3 months. Majorly, 90% of my hair came back. However, the very first initial patch hasn’t come back yet. My joint and lower-back pain is a lot better. Now, I am on Ayurvedic medicine and oil for the hair patch, join and all that. I am also on a rich vitamin-enriched food which includes greens, vegetables, right amount of protein. Since I am a non-vegetarian, I can have fish as well. I am following a very balanced diet and keeping a check of my vitamins and nutrients on a regular basis. I am getting a body check up done every month to know the real-time status. So, as far as joint pain is considered, I am a lot better as I am working out. However, the areata patch is something that still needs to heal entirely. I am using Ayurvedic oil for that and maybe after 15 days, I will start the mizo injections again.” She concluded by saying,

“Also, I must be very honest about something. Throughout my entire recovery journey, I was wondering what could have led to this. I was told that this was primarily stress-driven. So, I used to think that what could have led to me getting into this zone of stress. So I must say to everyone out there that if you, as an individual, you are unable to figure out things on your own, you must seek expert medical advice so that you are in a better frame of mind. Its very important to be healthy mentally as well. Stress can lead to a lot more than what you can think of. So, we should think positive, do meditation and stay away from any form of toxicity that can lead us to thinking anything negative because later, people can unknowingly get into depression and stress. So, we should all be positive and not get into any state of mental ill-health.”

Well, kudos to Lizaa Malik for dealing with everything like a warrior and a force to reckon with and coming out strong out of nowhere. Here’s wishing her complete recovery soonest. On the work front, she has many interesting things happening at her end, the announcements of which will happen as per the ideal timelines. Stay tuned for more updates.