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Kenisha Awasthi launches her dream project ‘Kenisha Awasthi Podcast’, all deets inside

Kenisha Awasthi's dream project 'Kenisha Awasthi Podcast'

It’s absolutely no hidden secret that when it comes to setting the oomph quotient on fire and burning things with her glam-doll diva personality, Kenisha Awasthi has always been a frontrunner. Everything, right from her acting skills to her sensuality and hotness as an artiste manages to grab attention for all the right reasons and we genuinely can’t keep calm. While we know for a fact that the Indian entertainment industry is filled with many dazzling divas, not everyone is blessed with the art of masterful articulation and Kenisha certainly is one of those rare ones. She’s a classic example of ‘Beauty With Brains’ and because of her well-spoken personality and conversation skills, she’s also been a successful emcee and host for major corporate brands. Well, another area where conversations truly flourish to the fullest is ‘podcast’ and guess what? Kenisha Awasthi has officially launched her podcast. She took to her social media handle earlier to make the announcement and wrote,

“As a staunch and devout practitioner of Stoicism and a keen, learned pupil of all other philosophies, she is delighted to share with you that her dream project “Kenisha Awasthi Podcast ” is launching this Wednesday. Through her Podcast ,her earnest attempt and hope  is to educate and acquaint her listeners with all the prominent philosophies that have come to exist and made an impact thus far . Also ,her Podcast will draw a parallel between how each of these philosophies is relevant to living life in this time and age. She wishes for her listeners to delve deep in her  Podcast and choose a philosophy that best resonates with the very essence of who they are ,so that ,they can live life in accordance with the Greats who founded these philosophies and went on to create an impact that is to last forever. 1st episode, releasing this Wednesday.”

On being asked about her emotions and feelings at present, she briefly said and we quote,

“I am extremely happy and elated that this is finally happening. Like I said, this has indeed been my dream project and finally, it has become a reality. I have always believed that true knowledge is imparted best through meaningful conversations and insightful discussions and podcasts are a great way of engaging with today’s generation. Yes, there are many podcasts happening already and that’s why, it was a task to carve out your own niche. However, I am quite happy about the fact that the subjects that will be discussed in my show are quite rare that haven’t really been attempted much in the Indian scenario. I am looking forward to using my conversation skills in the best way possible so that it helps me as well as everyone around in society. Looking forward to some love from everyone’s end for this new venture of mine. Show some love and stay tuned.”

Well, kudos to Kenisha for turning her dream into reality and proving a point once again that dreams do come true if one works hard towards them. Here’s wishing Kenisha good luck and success for this and all her future endeavours. Stay tuned for more updates.