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Karan Oberoi’s video on extremism of Twitter goes viral

Karan Oberoi's video on Twitter

Karan B Oberoi comes out with a Gazal for peace! And it strikes the right chords amongst the netizens as it goes viral.

The actor, who was a part of Band of Boys, and is known for his performances in Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin (2003) and web-series Inside Edge, has recited poetry written by Mihir Chitre. Titled a ghazal for peace, the poetry has taken social media by storm as it speaks about how social media is creating a lot of strife. “When I first heard the words of the poetry, it resonated with me as it had a valid point about social media. It is very relevant to the times that we live in. Also, what happened with me made it all the more relevant and necessary. It became my responsibility to speak about what is going out there. I think social media at large, and Twitter, in particular, amplifies them vs us scenario. The anonymity of it all emboldens a lot of people and makes them behave like a mob, creating a lot of chaos. It is a telling commentary on what we are becoming as a race. It is important for people to know that their retweet of hate can do more harm than good,” he said.

The response to the video has been fantastic. “All my well-wishers thought I would be roasted for this and that I should stay away. But it is magical and miraculous that I have not got a single adverse comment across all the platforms because I believe a part of humanity also believes in endorsing peace. I was just giving voice to the voices of people,” Karan signed off.

Karan Oberoi’s video on Twitter: