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Finding lifelong friendships at work is truly a gift,” says Puru Chibber

Puru Chibber

On the occasion of Friendship Day, the Zee Theatre star discusses the bonds he formed while shooting the teleplay ‘Vaastav’

Actor Puru Chibber believes that genuine friendships are necessary to anchor us and remind us that we are not alone in this world. He says, “All of us need friends we can rely on and those in the public eye are no exception. For me strong, nurturing friendships that keep me grounded is very important, and finding lifelong friendships on a set while working is truly a gift.”

Puru who stars in Zee Theatre’s teleplay ‘Vaastav’ recalls, “While working in this very intense play, we all needed to find pockets of time to unwind. It was hence wonderful that I formed a great connection with the cast and especially with Padmanabh Bhind who plays my elder brother. After a long day of rehearsals, Padmanabh, our director Ganesh Yadav and I would go out together or invite ourselves to each other’s homes and just relax. Very soon, we began to feel like an actual family which is all you can ask for as a human being and an artist.”

He says, in theatre, forming positive connections is necessary as actors rehearse together for months and spend a lot of time feeding off each other’s energy. He adds, “That is why every time we say goodbye to each other, we feel as if we are leaving behind a piece of ourselves. I feel very fortunate that I am still in touch with so many friends that I have made over the years on stage and in rehearsal rooms.”