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Dr. Deepak Singh’s Book ‘His Holiness THE DALAI LAMA and His Footstep’ Is Getting Rave Reviews

Dr. Deepak Singh’s Book 'His Holiness THE DALAI LAMA and His Footstep' Reviews

Producer, content crearor and writer Dr. Deepak Singh’s books are quite fascinating and are popular both in India and in many other parts of the world. Now, one of his book titled ‘His Holiness THE DALAI LAMA and His Footsteps,’ has been published recently which is already getting raves reviews from all quarters.

Dr. Deepak Singh is also a very well-known content creator and a film producer and he is known to produce films both in India and Hollywood. He is also a very established name in the field of brand building and media consultancy. Dr. Deepak Singh has always been enthusiastic about bringing out relevant and various kind of content. He has been working on several true-life stories in audio-visual formats.

Talking about the one and only Dalai Lama Dr. Deepak Singh said, “His Holiness Dalai Lama’s journey has always been an inspiration to me. Whenever I have seen him in the public glare, TV or just happened to got a glimpse of him at the Ashoka hotel in New Delhi, I have always seen him cool, calm, composed and smiling. His face and his whole personality reflects so much inner peace and positivity as if you never want to take away your eyes from him. I always looked up to him as my source of inspiration. He has inspired me to see life in a different way. I keep on picking up inspirational stories and then keep putting it in the form of various books so that readers can get to read different and interesting stories and get inspired from life.”

He continued and said, “Dalai Lama is one such personality who had me intrigued for years now. Before putting it in a book form, I researched the material for minimum 3 years. COVID-19 provided me ample time to research for the book, talk to various people who have known or met Dalai Lama and gather information and source out authentic materials from various available platforms.

Producer & Writer Deepak Singh’s journey has itself been very inspiring. He also produced the critically acclaimed and well received film Hindi called ‘Soorma’, which was based on the life of hockey legend Sandeep Singh. He produced another film called ‘Tiger’ which was about a Sikh boxer who was later banned and subsequently he was hailed to compel authorities in amending the boxing laws. He has also created short films like ‘Raksha Bandhan’ and ‘Continuity’ which depicts the interaction between a vegetable seller and a production controller from a shooting crew and subsequently shows how it changes their life.

Notably, Dr. Deepak Singh had received an honorary Doctorate in Mass Media and Communication from California University.

Written by Dr. Deepak Singh ‘His Holiness THE DALAI LAMA and His Footstep’ sheds light on the enlightening personality of Dalai Lama who has been an inspiration to millions of people and revered across the world since more than 5 decades now. This book is going to be published in 7 languages – Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Panjabi, Tibet & Arabic. Deepak Singh’s previous book ‘Bravo Yadav’ has also won accolades which is an inspirational story on India’s Youngest Param Vir Chakra Holder. The book is published by Har Anand International Publications.