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Does a woman really have to give divorce to a man for his infidelious act?, find out in the short film Pudiya

Life throws us challenges. It is how we deal with them that defines who we are. Imagine you are happily married. Kids. A comfortable life. A deep dependence. You start defining yourself in terms of the larger unit- the family and what it means. You love and you develop expectations of love in return. You give- more and more- because you feel like the family is an extension of yourself. You become the larger unit- you become the family. You define yourself as the larger unit- your identity is drowned in its all-encompassing embrace. You begin to live for the larger unit.

And then, the cracks appear. He seems a little distant. The phone calls become longer – it’s work- always work. You adjust, you put on a smile. You wait up at the dinner table. You try to make it all right with every fiber of your being. And then there is the undeniable proof- the smoking gun- visual evidence, the hint of a different perfume on his jacket. What will you do?

For ages, women have been faced with the problem of infidelity. And we know the choices- the obvious ones at least. Turn a blind eye and pretend it blows over- cry alone. Or you can cry and moan and create enough emotional trauma for everyone involved that he finally must give up. Take refuge with your parent’s family. If you have the financial means, walk out- create a new life for yourself – struggle through the divorce and the social isolation and the custody battles and who gets the house and who gets to keep the china- maybe there is another guy at the end of it all. Maybe.

But is there another way? A way that avoids the overt trauma. A way insidious yet powerful, that spares the kids? Where no one knows how the problem got solved- but it does get solved! Pudiya explores this option in a poignant portrayal- the silent passions, the self-analysis, the justifications, and the triumphant ending- but is it a victory if no one knows if there was a battle? Is it a problem if it was solved?

Written by: Nilay Mukherjee

Watch the movie and find out.