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DIMENSION MUSIC has launched 3 songs this Valentine’s week with a Blast.

DIMENSION MUSIC has launched 3 songs this Valentine's week with a Blast.

MAHI MERA already live on all platforms sung by the talented Fahmil Khan & Directed by Faiz.

MOHABBAT sung by Salman Ali and KHUDA HAFIZ sung by Altamash Faridi will also be live on Dimension Music.

A Dimension Music has made a spectacular entry into the Indian Hindi music world today. Film Producer / Entrepreneur Liaquat Gola under Dimension Music has released three big Bollywood songs, sung by three singers together, giving audiences a unique gift. Nowadays, Valentine’s week, symbolizing love and affection, is being celebrated worldwide, and in this scenario, couples sharing their feelings through songs sung by big singers like Salman Ali and Altamash Faridi will be seen.

Today, in a grand event in Mumbai, Liaquat Gola launched his music label, Dimension Music. Under this label, three big songs, “Mahi Mera” “Mohabbat” & “Khuda Hafiz” were released in front of the media. Among these songs, Salman Ali has sung the song “Mohabbat,” with lyrics by Amina Israr and music by Amir Ali. The video of this song is directed by Faiz with DOP and editor Aditya Jangid. In the video, Arbaaz Patel and Ishu are seen in the footage. On the other hand, the song “Khuda Hafiz” is sung by the famous singer Altamash Faridi, with lyrics by Mashoodd Quraishi and music by Amir Ali. The video of this song is directed by Israr Ahmad and Pappu Khanna as the choreographer. The lyrics for this song are by Arsalan Manzoor and Mukhtar Loan, with Samir Mark and Ishu Sharma seen in the footage.

Apart from these two songs, a lovely song “Mahi Mera” is already live sung by Fahmil Khan. The lyrics and music for this song are by Zain Khan, directed by Faiz, with DOP and editor Aditya Jangid, choreographed by Raj Sahgal, and featuring Zubin Shah and Falak in the footage.

Speaking at the grand launching event in Mumbai, the famous Bollywood singer Salman Ali mentioned that he has sung a song “Mohabbat” for Dimension Music, stating that this new label has a great vision. This song is extremely romantic, and will be released soon in the ongoing Valentine’s week. Lovebirds will listen to this song with great romanticism and share their feelings with each other.

Similarly, on the occasion of the release of this song, singer Altamash Faridi, who sang the song “Khuda Hafiz,” mentioned that the song has been designed especially for those who love to love. The song “Khuda Hafiz” will be particularly liked by romantic couples who want fantasy in the world of love and romance.

During this event in Mumbai, the owner of the company, LIAQUAT GOLA mentioned that today is a moment of great of joy as we have entered the music world with this company. We have been active in the film industry since 2002, and we registered our company, Dimension Pictures Private Limited, in 2020. We have been consistently working in production and today, we have made an entry into the music world with Dimension Music. This music company will not only release songs of big singers but also provide ample opportunities to emerging talents. There are no boundaries in the world of music, and no one can stop its flow. We will continuously enhance this flow and bring the best songs to the world with Dimension Music.

Today, at the beginning, we have released three big songs together, which are quite entertaining and popular. Salman Ali, Altamash Faridi & Fahmil Khan are singers of a large mass audience, and their influence, especially on the youth, is immense. The songs they have sung are incredibly beautiful, and we hope that lovebirds will openly express their love with these songs.