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Breaking News: Veteran Actor Jagdeep Is No More! Another Set Back For Bollywood!

Veteran actor Jagdeep passed away

Veteran actor Jagdeep is a comedian-actor in Hindi cinema. He made his acting debut as a child artiste and was selected to play many pivotal child roles in films of A V M Banners. B R Chopra Films and even K A Abba’s films. Later when he acted in film ‘Sholay’, he immortalized his ‘Soorma Bhopali’ character. He is still popular for his filmy character ‘Soorma Bhopali’ among his fans from different generations. His Dialogues from super hit Sholay made him an immortal in the map of Indian cinema.

It is said that Jagdeep was a victim of India’s partition. The partition had made him seek earnings even at a tender age of eight to support himself and his dear ones. Primarily, he used to sell small items on the road to earn a living for himself.

Later, he eventually landed in movies, As he was selling small items on the road, filmmaker B R Chopra spotted this young boy on the road and gave him a chance to do a small role in his project ‘Afsana’. He was taken to the floor of shooting where Jagdeep was engaged to do clapping in a scene. It was said that Jagdeep would be given Rs3 for that role. There was another boy too hired to utter some dialogues. He was to be paid Rs 6 for uttering lines, but that boy could not deliver dialogues. Hence, Jagdeep was given a chance to say the dialogues, and he was successful and rest is history.

Jagdeep earned Rs 6, an amount he did not earn whole week even. That is how Jagdeep got into films. He started getting comic roles from Bimal Roy’s Do Bigha Zamin. He has acted so far acted in 251 films in his career spanning over four decades. His memorable roles include in films like ‘Brahmachari’, ‘Qurbani’, ‘Bidaai’, ‘Shahenshah’ etc. It is said that Mehmood’s popularity began to decline as other comedy actors like Jagdeep bagged comedy roles in films.

Jagdeep’s son, Jaaved Jaafery, is also an established actor, choreographer, TV host, ad filmmaker. He is married to Naseem Begum. Jagdeep was born 29 March 1939 in Kanpur.

Bollywood has lost another shining star.
May you rest in peace forever