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Bijay Anand & wife Sonali Khare all set to enjoy a romantic Valentine’s Day together, reveal their special plans

Bijay Anand & wife Sonali Khare Valentine's Day plans

Bijay Anand is a man of discipline, integrity and sincere professionalism. It is his ethics and attitude towards life that makes him a successful individual. Not just an actor, he’s also a renowned fitness enthusiast, yoga guru & Kundalini expert. While a lot of Bijay’s positivity comes from his experiences in life, a lot of credit must also be given to his wife Sonali Khare for bringing in that sense of stability, calmness and composure in his life. Both Bijay and Sonali have a common passion for health, wellness and fitness and there are no brownie points for guessing that their common passions must have played a big role in bringing them together as a couple. Sonali Khare also has her own YouTube channel ‘WOW With Sonali’ where her show ‘Khare Bol’ has achieved a wide range of popularity and engagement within a very short period of time. The couple have always been loving and supportive towards each other and the way they compliment each other is truly exemplary and inspiring. So, how are they celebrating Valentine’s Day this year? On being asked about the same, Bijay Anand shares and we quote,

“Well, Valentine’s Day for us will be special but we aren’t getting away with the basics. Our way of expressing love and affection is slightly different. Like always, Sonali and I will be starting our day with a 5am workout. We might be having romantic music instead of upbeat, loud music at the gym but then, that’s exactly how we are going to start our Valentine’s Day. After that, we will be enjoying a breakfast meal together. I plan to make a special breakfast for her which she will really love. After that, it’s all about work for us till late evening and then after that, I plan to take her out for a night drive followed with a special candle-light dinner meal. For us, celebration is important but at the same time, work is important as well and hence, that’s how, we are going to be balancing both the things this year on Valentine’s Day. Wishing all my admirers a very Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Well, kudos to Bijay and Sonali for being so disciplined with their stuff and still managing to keep each other as top priority and make each other feel special. On the work front, Bijay Anand is set to impress big time in the upcoming movie ‘Crakk’ alongside Vidyut Jammwal with some really jam-packed, high-octane action scenes. Stay tuned for more updates.