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Ayesha Singh takes a special ‘book challenge’, to read ‘n’ number of fiction & non-fiction books in a month

Ayesha Singh takes a special 'book challenge'

Ayesha Singh is one of the most wonderful and talented actresses in the country and well, for someone like her, the saying ‘beauty with brains’ certainly works perfectly. Apart from being known as someone who’s an epitome of beauty and talent, she’s also quite intellectual and a lot of that knowledge and sensitivity comes from her reading a lot of books and watching good content from different parts of the world. Like they say, “There’s no friend as loyal as a book” and it seems like well and truly, Ayesha is quite in love with this loyalty. Owing to her hectic schedule, she often doesn’t get much of an opportunity to explore good quality works to enhance her knowledge and wisdom. But guess what? The latest challenge that she’s undertaken is certainly set to widen her horizon and do wonders to her knowledge and creative thinking. Yes, that’s right.

Ayesha Singh has now officially taken a new book challenge where she will be reading a certain number of books in a month. The books will be a blend of both ‘fiction’ & ‘non fiction’ and hence, the variety will certainly be beneficial to Ayesha’s knowledge. Regarding the same, Ayesha says and we quote,

“Well, I have always been an avid reader and I love books. However, the more you grow, the more responsibilities come up due to which at times, you aren’t able to read as much as you would like to. The same was happening with me as well. However, I finally decided to work it out by taking up this interesting challenge. In that way, my mind will subconsciously work in that direction and I will certainly be able to read more books in a month than what I have been reading so far. I love reading and for creative individuals, reading is of immense importance as it opens up new perspectives. So yes, I am looking forward to enjoying this interesting challenge.”

Well, here’s hoping and wishing that the gorgeous diva manages to read as many books as she wants and well, if that enhances her creative skills even more, who’s complaining? Literally nobody. On the work front, Ayesha Singh is set to have interesting work projects happening, the announcements of which will happen soon as per the ideal timelines. Stay tuned for more updates.