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Alankrita Sahai makes a smashing debut in Haryana entertainment space, all set to sizzle in ‘Mote Peg 2’

Alankrita Sahai in 'Mote Peg 2'

Alankrita Sahai is a bonafide rage and sensation in quite literally everything that she does from her end. She’s known to give it her all in all her projects and that’s why, she believes in quality ahead of quantity. Some time back, she won hearts with her work in Jio Cinema’s ‘Fuh Se Fantasy’. Even her track ‘Suits You’ with the amazing and talented Arjan Dhillon was a raging success. Over the years, Alankrita has truly set standards high when it comes to entertaining her fans with her music videos. Well, guess what folks? There’s a very special update coming from her end folks.

The gorgeous and dynamic bombshell is all set to star in ‘Mote Peg 2’ Haryanvi song with Sumit Parta. It is to be noted that ‘Mote Peg 1’ was a humongous chartbuster when it released in the past and now with Alankrita coming onboard for the second part, things have only gotten bigger and better for the song as well as the people associated with it. On being asked about the song, Alankrita shares and we quote,

“Well, this one was super fun to work with. Mote Peg 1 was a banger of a track and a bonafide sensation indeed. After having worked myself in Mote Peg 2, I can proudly and happily say that it is going to be an even bigger hit. It was an exciting experience working with the likes of Sumit Parta and Dinesh Golan and being directed by Shubham of ‘Team Last Page’ was a super fun experience indeed. This track is all the way more special because this also marks my debut in the Haryanvi entertainment space. The madness around this song is validated perfectly from the fact that it is still trending on Instagram. So, this is truly a brilliant time to come up with part 2 and this is set to release on 1st March. I truly can’t wait for this to be out in front of all my dear fans and admirers. Looking forward to your love and support and I am confident this is set to be the new party anthem.”

Well, kudos to Alankrita Sahai for once again hitting it out of the park with her work and making it count. She’s currently enjoying a special spree of success indeed and given the massive fan following that she’s earned for herself, it’s only set to expand and multiply over the years. Hetes wishing her good luck and success for this. Stay tuned for more updates.