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Actress Nikita Rawal shares her horrific experience with Air Mauritius, talks about getting deboarded after waiting for hours

Nikita Rawal flaunts her irresistible hotness and charm in a floral deep-neck midi outfit

Nikita Rawal is a no-nonsense personality and definitely not someone with whom you can get away with a lackadaisical approach. She’s someone who’s always had the guts to call a spade a ‘spade’ and well, her honesty and transparency has to be one of her most likeable qualities as an individual. Given her hectic work schedule, Nikita Rawal is someone who travels a lot to different destinations all over the world. While some trips are for work, some are also personal, all thanks to her brilliant way of balancing personal and professional life with perfection.

A couple of nights ago, Nikita Rawal was spotted at the airport in her casual element as she was ready to take off for Mauritius. However, seems like for this particular trip, destiny had other plans for Nikita. She unfortunately ended up having the most unfortunate and harrowing experience with Air Mauritius, something, she had never hoped would happen to her. Not only has her schedule taken a hit, she’s also suffered personal inconvenience due to proper preparation and lack of preparation from Air Mauritius airlines. On being asked more about the same, Nikita Rawal shares and we quote,

“I absolutely can’t believe that an International airline of this standard and reputation could be so careless and carefree about the convenience and schedule of their passengers. I had reached the airport around 11pm as my flight was post 2AM. Since 2AM till about 8AM in the morning, we kept waiting and waiting inside the aircraft. While the waiting was a pain to deal with anyway, things would still have been fine if we could travel after that. But no, to my utmost shock, we were asked to deboard the plane due to some technical glitch and fault. While I understand the fact that safety of passengers is essential and hence that particular plane wasn’t in a condition to fly, I feel they should have totally communicated the situation to the passengers earlier without wasting time for hours. After having waited till 8 AM inside the aircraft, we came out of the aircraft. Ever since then, I had been waiting and stuck at a hotel near the airport. It was full of chaos. After so many hours of our time getting wasted, we were put up by the airlines at Maratha Sheraton hotel near the airport. Everyone’s schedule has taken a hit and I feel sorry for myself and my co-passengers. It’s high time airlines start taking schedules of their passengers more seriously and plan backups. While I don’t doubt their intent which is to save passengers from any unfortunate situation mid-air, I also fail to understand why such checks are not done way in advance and why there’s never back-up planned. I feel they have enough bandwidth to plan accordingly. It’s been a terrible experience.”

Well, here’s hoping that Nikita Rawal could get over the mess and hardship that she had to face with Air Mauritius and her schedule could be streamlined once again. On the work front, Nikita Rawal has many other interesting projects happening at her end, the official announcements of which will happen soon as per the ideal timelines. Stay tuned for more updates.