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Actress Aneri Vajani Looks Forward to a Working Birthday this Year

Aneri Vajani Working Birthday

Birthdays are an event that no one misses and these days get much more meaningful when it’s our favorite star’s special days. The actors and their fans both celebrate these days and feel gratitude and love in abundance. Bollywood and TV personality Aneri Vajani blows her candles on 26th of March. She shares how her special day is going to look like.

She says, “It’s going to be a working birthday for me and that in a way makes me happy as well. I enjoy working on my birthdays and so I don’t think I will be taking a break on my birthday. I will however hold a birthday lunch for all of my entire unit and that’s going to be fun.I feel it’s great that I’m busy and hustling as I love my work. Celebrations will always be there but work comes first.”

Further adding to her plans for her special day, Aneri says ,”My parents and family friends will come on set to celebrate with me so it’s just going to be a sweet little birthday lunch.”

Aneri Vajani’s recent releases in music videos such as “Baad Marne ke ” , “Awaaz” have really hit it off. It is sufficient to say that Aneri Vajani is the new Queen of love song videos. With consecutive hits and a beautiful range of her acting skills, the actress has been recently featured in so many emotional music videos and she has hit the right spot with each and every one of them