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Zee Theatre stars discuss what parenthood means to them

Zee Theatre stars discuss parenthood

On Parents’ Day, senior actors Pawan Chopra and Vibha Chibber discuss the life lessons they have learnt from their children

Parents’ Day is observed on July 24 to acknowledge the unconditional love parents nourish their children with. However, Zee Theatre stars Pawan Chopra and Vibha Chibber feel that children deserve equal credit for imparting invaluable life lessons and insights to their parents. They also feel being a parent is possibly the most important role of their lives.

Pawan Chopra who stars in the Zee Theatre teleplay, ‘The Will’ says, “Parenting is like watering plants every day and waiting for flowers to bloom patiently. Family comes first and a parent must be the friend, guide and philosopher that a child can rely on. My parents gave me complete freedom and confidence to pursue my dreams and I want to do the same for my kids. As a hands-on father, I haven’t missed a moment of their formative years. Our communication is impeccable and they are truly my teachers. Because of them, I am always updated with new information and they have also taught me that you don’t need much to be happy.”

Vibha Chibber who stars in Zee Theatre’s teleplay, ‘Panchi Aise Aate Hain’ says, “My parents never forced their decisions upon me. They gave me complete liberty to express myself and to choose the career that I wanted and this is exactly how I have tried to raise my kids. Today I am a proud mother of two highly talented and lovely children who know how to prioritize relationships. They have taught me many things. The most important one is that it is futile to stress about your future. Thanks to them, I do yoga, go for walks, maintain a good diet, and simply savour the simple joys I am blessed with at home and at work.”

Both stars agree that one cannot take parenthood for granted because it is a privilege to raise children who are empathetic, self-sufficient, caring, rooted in strong values and yet free-spirited enough to fly wherever their dreams take them.